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Bales of Beauty

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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You can dress up a simple bale using permanent or dried floral arrangements and ribbon, or leave unembellished for an organic look.
As seen in our Make It: Fun® Harvest online book.


Straw Bales, 18”, 12”, 5”
Large Fall Floral Mixed Bush
Silk Leaves
Silk Berry Stems
Coordinating Ribbons
Floral Pins
Low-Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks
Wire Cutters


  1. Cut the stems from the large floral mixed bush and begin inserting them into the top of the 18” bale, creating a cascading arrangement across the top and down one side as shown.  For a more permanent arrangement, add low-temp glue to the stem before inserting into bale.  Embellish the bale even further by attaching ribbon streamers using floral pins.  Attach leaves and berry stems throughout the arrangement, using low-temp glue to secure.
  2. Insert silk stems into the bale across the top and down the front corner of the 12” bale as shown.  Embellish in the same way using ribbons, leaves and berries.
  3. Create smaller bale decorations using the 5” bales.  Decorate them in coordinating fall flowers, ribbons and leaves using low-temp glue to secure.  Extra bales are the perfect accent.  Try tying simple ribbon around a bale or stack a few together.

Tip:  FloraCraft straw is reusable – at the end of the season, remove the decorations and mulch them into your garden or flower beds for healthier soil in the spring.

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