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Baby Shower Surprise

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Designed by Make It Fun Crafts
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Materials: Baby Shower Surprise

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:
Block, 1-3/16″ x 9-7/8″ x 11-7/8″
(2) Discs, 15/16″ x 9-7/8″ diameter
(5) Discs, 15/16″ x 3-7/8″ diameter
(2) Balls, 1 1/2″ diameter
(11) Balls, 1″ diameter

Other Materials:
Felt, scraps of black and pink
Yarn, 16” length of yellow, brown or black
Buttons: 1 1/4″ diameter yellow and 5/8″ diameter white ball
DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paint: Orange Twist, Toffee (or appropriate skin color), Citron Green,Pineapple (yellow), and Sea Breeze (turquoise)
Cutting mat (or stack of newspapers)
Large and medium paintbrushes

serrated knife
permanent fine line black marker
2″ x 3″ peach or white cardstock
container of water
five paper plates
paper towels
glue gun & glue sticks

Optional: Eight – twelve cake pops (on sticks), or mini cupcakes, frosted in pastel colors. (For reveal, use white
cake mix and add either blue or pink coloring to create boy or girl cake pops / cupcakes!)



  1. Before removing plastic from large Foam Discs for carriage, find center by using ruler and marker to draw vertical and horizontal lines on each Disc package. Where lines cross, is the center. On cutting mat, use ruler and serrated knife to cut out wedge from center up, along vertical line; and from center out to the right, along horizontal line. (Note: Cut through plastic and Foam layers with several passes of the knife, keeping knife perpendicular to Foam so that edges are straight.) Align Discs and use glue gun to glue them together to make one thick Disc. Save wedges to use later.
  2. For baby’s head, similarly, draw lines on one small Foam Disc. but then measure about 1″ farther left and draw a parallel line. Also measure 1″ farther down and draw a parallel line. Cut on those lines (so that more of baby’s head shows when glued to carriage). (Note: With this one, you’re using the wedge and saving the remainder of Disc for later.)
  3. Cut all Foam Balls in half. To smooth and round all edges/corners, press Foam edge down onto table with even pressure as you rotate and smooth. Repeat with the rest of Foam pieces.
  4. Squeeze turquoise paint onto paper plate and use large brush to paint all sides of carriage. Similarly, paint all sides of baby’s Foam head wedge skin color; all sides of four small Discs green; top and edges of Foam Block orange; and rounded sides of all Ball halves yellow. (Note: To let dry, use toothpicks stuck into flat backs of ball halves and pressed into the scrap Foam, saved earlier.)
  5. Before assembling, use toothpicks to connect parts to be sure they’re where you want them and also to reinforce the connection. Use glue gun to assemble: Head into carriage; two wheels onto each side (checking to be sure carriage stands properly); larger Foam Ball halves on wheel centers; and smaller Foam Ball halves evenly spaced around carriage as shown (11 per side). To attach carriage to orange base, set at an angle and just use toothpicks from wheels down into base. (By not gluing, you can dismantle to store more easily.)
  6. From black felt, cut two 1/2″ crescent shapes for eyes. From pink felt, cut two 1 1/2″ circles for cheeks. Glue cheeks and eyes to both sides of head. Glue ball button in center of large button and glue to edge of head for pacifier. Cut four 4″ lengths of yarn and tie overhand knot close to one end. Use scissors points to make a hole in top of head and glue knot down into it. Then separate yarn strands to make hair fluffy.
  7. Use marker to write “Baby Reveal (cake inside is blue or pink)”. Glue toothpick to back and insert into front of base.
  8. Insert cake pop sticks about 3/4″ away from edges on base – one in each corner and one or two in between. Or, line up cupcakes all along edge.

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