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Cupcake Paper Turkey

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MATERIALS:  FC-1983 CupcakePaperTurkeyT (002)

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam
Balls: 2 1/2″ and 1 1/2″ diameter

Other Materials:
Paper baking cups / cupcake papers (wait to separate from stack, until after reading instructions):
Orange stripe, two
Yellow, one
Yellow with colorful dots, two
Red with design, one
Green dot, four
Sewing pins with black heads, two
DecoArt® Americana® acrylic paint: Fawn (light brown) and Espresso (dark brown)

Serrated knife
medium paintbrush
container of water
paper plate
paper towels
glue gun & glue sticks


  1. For body, use serrated knife to cut 2″ diameter slice off bottom of larger Foam Ball. Squeeze Espresso paint onto plate and paint entire Foam Ball. Let dry.
  2. For head, similarly, cut off 1″ slice from bottom of smaller Foam Ball. Use thumb to press indention into cut edge so that it fits on rounded top of body. Then, paint it Fawn and let dry.
  3. Place body on table with cut side down. Insert toothpick halfway down into top of body. Apply glue to indention on head and press down onto toothpick, to join Foam Balls.
  4. Because of cupcake papers’ translucency, keep them together in their stack and peel them apart two at a time, as you need them, unless only one is indicated. As you work with them, if the two cupcake papers do separate, don’t pull them all the way apart. Just apply a small amount of glue to the separated area and push them back together without mashing the crimp. Peel from stack, two orange stripe cupcake papers and gently flatten. With turkey body and head on table, fold over 1″ of one edge of the two still-joined cupcake papers so that when the fold is set on the table, the curved top extends about 1/2″ above the turkey head. (Don’t glue yet.) Peel off two green dot cupcake papers, flatten and set on top of orange papers, about 1/2″ down from top of orange paper. Fold green bottom over onto bottom of orange paper. Similarly, peel, flatten, and set yellow dot papers onto green ones, down another 1/2″. (This time, the fold will almost be in half.) Spot glue all to hold as one unit. Tack glue at back of body and back of head, where cupcake papers touch.
  5. For beak, flatten and fold yellow cupcake paper into fourths to create a triangle. Trim (curved end) to 1 1/2″ long triangle and glue to front of face. (Tip: If desired, cut a small curved slit in foam to hold beak.) Insert pins just above it for eyes.
  6. For wattle, similarly flatten and fold red design cupcake paper into fourths. Hold point and scrunch bottom to shape teardrop wattle. Curve and glue point to top of beak.
  7. For wing, similarly flatten and fold one green dot cupcake paper into fourths. Fold and glue point to back and then glue to side of body. Repeat for other wing.
  8. For feet, trim off three ripples of yellow cupcake paper, 1/2″ long, from what was left of beak. Glue under bottom front of body
  9. Use as a table favor, add a place card or Thanksgiving décor accent.

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